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Advancements in modern medicine and cutting-edge technology make it possible for you to get right back to doing the things you enjoy if you lose a limb. With the help of personalized prosthetics designed and manufactured by Ortho Engineering Inc., you can lead a normal and active life, without ever feeling impaired. Ortho Engineering Inc. has offices in Chino, Lynwood, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina, and Whittier, California, plus two convenient locations in Los Angeles. Contact your physician to learn more about these state-of-the-art prosthetics and how they can benefit you.

Prosthetics Q & A

Why do I need prosthetics?

Prosthetics are designed to match your natural limb’s size, shape, and function, and to help you return to regular daily activities. You might need a prosthesis if you lost an arm, hand, leg, or foot due to:

  • Circulation problems, possibly from diabetes
  • Severe trauma or accident
  • Invasive disease, such as cancer
  • Birth defects or deformities

You might need a specialized prosthesis for different activities or exercises, too. For instance, if you’re a distance runner and lost your lower leg, you might have one prosthesis you wear for regular activities. Then when you go for a run, you can switch to a different prosthesis designed for sporting activities.

How does a prosthesis work?

Prosthetics are designed with the individual in mind — they’re not one-size-fits-all. Your customized prosthesis and the way it works depends on your specific amputation and physical ability. In general, a prosthetic can contain the following components:

  • Limb, such as an arm or leg
  • Joint, including ankle, elbow, or knee
  • Hand and fingers
  • Foot and toes

Your prosthesis also has a socket, which fits over your residual limb. To maximize comfort and provide a superior fit — a properly fitting socket is essential to minimize discomfort — you’re going to need a specialized liner that cushions and protects your skin.

The highly trained specialists at Ortho Engineering Inc. also provide a cosmetic restoration that consists of custom silicone covers or clear vinyl skin that can be pigmented to match your natural skin tone seamlessly.

When can I get back to regular activities with my prosthesis?

It can take several months to start getting back to your regular activities, depending on your specific amputation and how quickly you heal from surgery. The caring team at Ortho Engineering Inc. work closely with your physician to better understand your specific needs, lifestyle, and amputation details. They also get specific measurements from your doctor to design your prosthesis.

You might start out with a temporary prosthesis right after surgery, or within a few weeks of surgery. In most cases, your formal prosthetic fitting begins about 2-6 months after surgery. By the time you get your permanent prosthesis, you can typically start getting back to your normal activities and lifestyle within a few months. The team at Ortho Engineering Inc. can always make adjustments or changes to your prosthesis to ensure it’s comfortable anytime, 24/7, 356 days per year.

Schedule an evaluation with your provider to find out if Ortho Engineering Inc. prosthetics are right for you.