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Custom-designed orthotics are durable devices that support or correct your limbs, or areas of your torso where you have a prosthesis attached. The expert team at Ortho Engineering Inc. spend time designing your orthotics, so you can get back to your regular daily activities and get relief from discomfort. Ortho Engineering Inc. has offices in Chino, Lynwood, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina, and Whittier, California, plus two convenient locations in Los Angeles. Talk with your physician about getting fitted for innovative orthotics designed to help with your specific condition.

Orthotics Q & A

Why do I need orthotics?

Orthotics can be designed for upper or lower limbs, depending on your injury, chronic condition, or deformity. You might need an upper limb orthotic if any of the following conditions apply to you.

  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Wrist tendonitis or sprain
  • Shoulder capsule injury
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Shoulder or elbow dislocation

Some of the most common reasons to need a lower limb — such as foot, knee, or ankle — orthotic device include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Foot deformity
  • Knee instability
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury
  • Muscular imbalance or weakness

In any case, orthotics can be simple, such as a specialized shoe insert for arch support, or they can be more complex, such as a knee, ankle, and foot orthoses for full lower leg support.

What do orthotics do?

Orthotics are tailored to your specific condition, injury, or deformity. Your physician may have you get fitted for an orthotic device to:

  • Improve limb function
  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Provide support or stability
  • Immobilize an injured area, or an area that was surgically repaired

The team at Ortho Engineering Inc. can design your orthotics based on your needs, daily lifestyle, and activity level.

How long do I need to wear my orthotics?

It’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding how often and how long you need to wear your orthotic device. In many cases, you can remove your orthotic to shower, perform personalized physical or occupational exercises, or to be able to directly apply ice or heat.

Your doctor may suggest wearing your orthotic primarily during periods of activity. For example, if you have severe carpal tunnel pain, Ortho Engineering Inc. can design a hand and wrist orthotic support that you need to wear while typing or playing sports.

Once you’re fully recovered, you might not need to wear your orthotic any longer. In some cases, though, like with chronic foot pain from plantar fasciitis, you might need to continue wearing your Ortho Engineering Inc. orthotic insert daily for life.  

Schedule an exam with your provider to learn more about how Ortho Engineering Inc. orthotics can help you.