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Ortho Engineering Inc., with offices in Chino, Lynwood, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina, and Whittier, California, plus two convenient locations in Los Angeles, is proud to serve members of the United States military injured in combat. The skilled orthotics team offer effective solutions for those that lost limbs in battle and are interested in regaining their functionality. They design high-quality prosthetics to accommodate your needs and even help you return to active duty. To find out more about the benefits of Ortho Engineering Inc.’s custom military prosthetics, speak with your doctor today.

Military Prosthetics Q & A

What are military prosthetics?

Military prosthetics are custom designed devices to restore functionality and support your body if you lose a leg or arm to injury or amputation. Ortho Engineering Inc. makes a custom-fit prosthetic to ensure you are both comfortable and able to enjoy a higher quality of life.

What options are available for military prosthetics?

Military prosthetics are available to replace a partial or total limb, including:

  • Above the knee
  • Below the knee
  • Above the elbow
  • Below the elbow

Ortho Engineering, Inc. specializes in creating a prosthesis that accommodates your lifestyle and activity level. They can help you choose a cosmetic or functional prosthesis, based on your needs, and fabricate the device in-house to your exact specifications.

How does a military prosthesis work?

The prosthesis contains a socket that connects the total or partial limb to your body. The prosthetic arm or leg is made from lightweight but durable materials, many of which can be made to resemble a natural limb. The prosthesis secures to your body using a strap, harness, or elastic sleeve to ensure your comfort and reduce the risk of detachment.

If you have a functional prosthesis, a series of cables run through the device that allow you to control your movements. Often a leg prosthesis works with gravity, and after some practice, you learn to walk efficiently by swinging the prosthesis into place and keep your balance.

How long does it take to adapt to a military prosthesis?

Adapting to a new limb is challenging, but the experts at Ortho Engineering Inc. offer comprehensive support and guidance to ensure you regain your functionality and mobility using the prosthetic.

Through routine rehabilitation exercises and frequent follow-up visits, you can expect to adapt to your prosthetic gradually, at your own pace, until using it feels natural. The Ortho Engineering Inc. team can also ensure you adapt to the specialized prosthetics they create to help you participate in sports and other activities, so you can use them with confidence.

To learn more about the life-changing options in military prosthetics available from Ortho Engineering, Inc., contact your doctor today. They can help you choose the right prosthetic to enhance your mobility and restore your quality of life.