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As a member of the military, you put a lot of weight on your feet and ankles wearing non-supportive boots. Ortho Engineering Inc., with offices in Chino, Lynwood, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina, and Whittier, California, plus two convenient locations in Los Angeles, offers specially designed military orthotics for soldiers that need more support and to prevent injury in their lower extremities. With on-call services seven days a week, Ortho Engineering Inc. can accommodate your military schedule and help you get fitted for custom military orthotics at your convenience. To learn more about the benefits of military orthotics, speak with your doctor or contact Ortho Engineering, Inc. today.

Military Orthotics Q & A

Why do I need military orthotics?

As a soldier, you spend a lot of time in heavy work boots that offer little support to your feet and ankles. This puts you at risk for a variety of injuries that can lead to permanent damage in your joints and soft tissue.

Custom military orthotics provide great arch support to prevent your feet and legs from tiring out. They also keep your ankle joints in line, reducing your risk for injuries when the joint rolls inward while marching or running.

Orthotics can also prevent overuse injuries that result from the repetitive motions common in military work. These types of injuries can lead to chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis in the feet or joint problems in your knees and ankles.

What are the benefits of custom military orthotics?

Ortho Engineering custom-designs your orthotics with your specific needs in mind. You can expect a perfect fit in your military footwear to prevent slipping of the orthotic or discomfort during use.

Regardless of your military duties, custom orthotics ensure you are comfortable, and your feet are well-insulated from outside elements. They are made with the highest quality materials, lasting through domestic and overseas assignments.

Wearing orthotics with your military footwear also provides relief from frequent foot and back pain, enhancing your performance while keeping you comfortable.

Do I need to wear my military orthotics all the time?

Your doctor determines how often you should wear orthotics based on your specific needs. If you have orthotics designed for your military boots, you should wear them each time to reduce your risk of injury and pain.

You may need to wear custom orthotics for other recreational activities, such as sports or other high-impact exercises you do outside of your military work to protect your feet and ankles.

Orthotics are easy to remove and clean if they become wet or dirty. They are lightweight and won’t slow you down when you’re on the move.

Consult with your doctor, then contact Ortho Engineering Inc. to order your custom military orthotics. The orthotics team is available seven days a week to assist with your order.