Understanding Prosthetics and Why It May Be Right For My Child

Is your child missing a limb from an injury or illness? Does your child need an amputation in the future? Pediatric prosthetics may be a good option for them in order to help their mobility. The skilled and compassionate staff at Ortho Engineering Inc. understands the difficulties of this process, both physical and emotional. With six locations in California, you and your child can get the care you need with customized prosthetics. With the right fit, your child can still live a full and normal life.

How to determine if your child needs prosthetics

The most common reason children require prosthetics is their not having grown certain limbs naturally. But children also need prosthetics after severe injuries or viral infections. A consultation with your child’s physician can help you make the best decision for them, based on their age and recovery process.

How to know if your child is an ideal candidate for prosthetics

Children who can stand on their own between 9 and 12 months meet the minimum age requirement for prosthetics. This is when most pediatricians recommend that they be fitted for what is called “passive prosthesis,” or temporary prosthesis as they grow. This will help them get used to using their new limbs, making the transition process much smoother.

Because your child will continue to grow, they will need to have their prosthetic sockets changed annually (or depending on how quickly they outgrow their current one). Ortho Engineering Inc. is able to design new prosthetics during this process. Our pediatric prosthetics are so effective that your child can still participate in sports, dance classes, or play instruments – just as if they didn’t have artificial limbs.

Children adapt to prosthetics faster than adults

You may be concerned about how your child will adapt to using prosthetics. The good news is that children tend to adapt much faster than adults. With frequent doctor’s visits to evaluate their progress, your child’s rehabilitation process can go smoothly at Ortho Engineering Inc. Because the prosthetics are custom-designed, your child can live a completely normal life, just as if they didn’t require prosthetics at all.

Learn more about pediatric prosthetics

If your child is a good candidate for prosthetics, you can schedule a consultation at any of our six locations:

Los Angeles








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You can also reach out to us with questions or concerns at info@orthoengineering.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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