On Your Feet, Soldier! The Benefits of Military Orthotics

Everyone relies heavily on their feet, but nothing comes close to the trust military personnel place on their feet’s ability to run, scramble, crawl, and fight. Not only does your very life depend on top performance by your feet, someone else’s life might depend on it, too. 

Believe it or not, depending on the shape, size, and mechanical characteristics of your feet, wearing military-issued footwear may hinder your ability to do your duty. To ensure your feet are ready to serve alongside you for the long haul, you may need a bit of reinforcement.

That’s what we do here at Ortho Engineering. We design custom military orthotics (shoe inserts) that turn your generic military boots into your military boots. It’s more than a cushion, it’s a one-of-a-kind personalized device that not only feels great, it comes with multiple benefits that will keep your feet ready for whatever you call on them to do.

How military orthotics keep your feet on high alert

An effective soldier is a prepared soldier, one who’s ready for hard work under any conditions at any time of the day or night. You spend a lot of time and energy training your body for this life, but what about your feet? Often, feet are neglected and expected to simply fall in line with no special preparation. But the best soldiers take care of every body part, even the low-ranking ones. Here’s how military orthotics can help you do that.

Give proper support

Custom military orthotics turn your generic boots into an effective weapon in your arsenal. By conforming to the unique needs of your feet, the proper arch support enables you to spring into action or stand guard all day without a problem.

Reduce fatigue

When your shoes fit well and absorb shock, they relieve stress on your ankles, knees, and hips. Establishing a solid foundation in your boots makes sure the rest of your body is well-aligned and working efficiently, which means you expend less energy and experience less fatigue.

Prevent injury

The wrong shoes put you in danger. If your military boots cause your ankles to pronate or suppate, you can easily roll an ankle and spend time in the infirmary. And over time, you may experience inflammation in your ligaments and tendons and develop plantar fasciitis.

Accommodate unique shapes

Everyone’s feet are different, so wearing a shoe designed for everybody makes no sense. If you have an especially narrow or wide foot, misshapen toes, or a high or low arch, your military boots will feel foreign to you no matter how long you wear them. But custom military orthotics accommodate your unique foot shape.

Decrease back pain

Every move you make on your feet engages your entire musculoskeletal system. If your feet aren’t working with a proper foundation, your back often takes the brunt of the force. Any misalignment becomes magnified the farther away it occurs. So, your ankles wobble, your knees try to adjust, your hips compensate, but the buck stops with your back. Military orthotics can alleviate your back pain so you work and sleep better. 

Avoid blisters

An uncomfortable soldier is a vulnerable soldier, and a soldier in pain is a liability. Blisters are a common occurrence when you spend hours on end training or fighting, but you can avoid many of them by wearing properly fitting, non-slip military orthotics.

Not just for military use

When it’s time for R&R, there’s no need to suffer from the perils of “regular” shoes. Your military orthotics provide the same benefits whether you’re on active duty or at ease.

Once your doctor prescribes your military orthotics and takes an impression of your feet or a 3D scan, we get to work creating your customized inserts. When you’re ready to honor your feet and equip them for service, contact us at any of our locations throughout Southern California in: West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Chino, Lynwood, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina, Whittier, and LA/USC.

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