How Therapeutic Shoes Can Improve Your Circulatory Issues

How Therapeutic Shoes Can Improve Your Circulatory Issues

Cold feet are more than just a sign of indecision, they indicate a potentially serious problem with your circulatory system. And since your feet are farthest away from your heart, they tend to show symptoms before your other body parts. Fortunately, the right shoes can help.

At Ortho Engineering, Inc., we specialize in custom designing and manufacturing unique footwear to meet your precise specifications. These tailor-made therapeutic shoes are far superior to the mass-produced shoes you can buy in a store because we build them from a 3D image of your foot to promote circulation and serve as an integral part of your overall treatment plan. Here’s how they work.

What’s causing your poor circulation?

If you suffer from poor circulation, the most important thing is to get an accurate diagnosis about the underlying cause. For example, poor circulation may stem from:

This is just a partial list of conditions that can hinder your blood flow. Working with your doctor to resolve the underlying problem is the first step in restoring proper blood flow. One of the many aspects of your treatment may include investing in a pair of therapeutic shoes. 

How can therapeutic shoes improve poor circulation?

At Ortho Engineering, Inc., we start by getting to know you and the reason you need therapeutic shoes. If you have diabetes, for example, you need shoes that reduce friction that may cause sores or wounds to develop. If you have varicose veins or peripheral artery disease, you may need shoes that provide a better foundation and promote optimal blood flow all the way up your legs. 

Whatever you need, we can do. We work with your doctor to design a unique shoe that provides extra width and depth, supports your arches, and protects your skin. These features do more than add comfort; they actually promote proper circulation and stimulate healthy blood flow.

Post-surgical therapeutic shoes

If you have surgery scheduled, talk to your doctor about the benefit of therapeutic shoes post-surgery. It’s common for blood clots to form after a surgical procedure because the recovery period often requires a lot of bed rest. Bed rest, however, leads to slow-moving blood that tends to thicken and potentially clot.

Therapeutic shoes won’t help you much while you’re in bed, but as soon as you’re ambulatory again, therapeutic shoes can reduce your risk of life-threatening blood clots, which most often occur within the first three months after surgery. 

Our custom-made therapeutic shoes make sure nothing impedes the transportation of oxygen-rich blood to your extremities, which helps prevent the development of blood clots and ensure a full recovery without complications.

If you have cold feet and need some help getting the blood flowing, ask your doctor about therapeutic shoes, and then come see us for the best fit and design. No matter where you live in Southern California, we have an Ortho Engineering, Inc. near you. Contact us at any of our locations in Chino, Lynwood, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina, and Whittier, and three locations in Los Angeles.

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