How Orthotics Can Help Heal Your Foot Injury

How Orthotics Can Help Heal Your Foot Injury

Your feet are amazing feats of engineering. They each contain more than 100 muscles, 30 joints, and 26 bones. While you may marvel at what all those parts do in concert to keep you walking, running, and jumping, it’s even more astounding that they hold up day after day and year after year.

Yet, for all their versatility and strength, they aren’t invincible, and when injury strikes, you can be hobbled for weeks waiting for full healing. At Ortho Engineering Inc., we help you get back on your feet faster with custom orthotics. Here’s how they can support the healing process.

Common foot injuries

The most common foot injury is a fracture. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, for multiple reasons. Sports injuries, falls, dropping a heavy object on your foot, high-impact running, and even stubbing your toe can fracture any of the bones in your foot. 

Fortunately, most foot fractures don’t require immobilization or even surgery, but they do need support.

Other common injuries are less trauma-related. Some are completely preventable and others run in families or are results of other health conditions. These include:

Arthritis can also settle in your foot joints and cause pain and stiffness, and diabetes complications can lead to nerve damage in your feet. Regardless of what’s causing your foot pain, orthotics can help ease the discomfort and allow your foot to heal.

How orthotics aid in the healing process

Technically, the word orthotic refers to any external device that helps your limbs function better. Knee wraps, crutches, and full torso braces are all examples of different types of orthotics. 

In some cases, a foot orthosis may be necessary to correct the movement of your foot, but in most cases, foot orthotics are specialized shoe inserts. 

But don’t be tempted to run to your local drug store and buy one off the shelf. Those only add a little bit of cushioning to your shoe bed; they aren’t intended to aid healing or correct structural problems.

When your doctor prescribes customized orthotics to help rehabilitate your foot, you bring your 3D image or foot impression to any of our nine locations throughout Southern California for a precisely engineered orthotic designed specifically for your feet, your weight and height, your shoes, and your injury. 

Pressure distribution

If you have a foot injury, you need to give it the best healing environment possible, and that means keeping stress off the bones and ligaments. Orthotics absorb and redistribute the pressure of each step and prevent further damage.

Biomechanical corrections

Your foot problem may stem from a gait problem. The way your heels, toes, and the balls of your feet hit the ground when you walk may be the source of friction, misalignments, or excess stress that leads to foot problems. They’ll never heal unless you change the mechanics of their day-to-day functions — orthotics can do that.

Pain relief

Pain is one of the main barriers to healing your foot injury. Open wounds, inflammation, nerve damage, deformities, and shoes that don’t accommodate them exacerbate your pain and your foot problem. Orthotics provide pain relief so you can relax, and your feet can focus on healing.

Don’t suffer with the pain of a foot injury unnecessarily. Ask your doctor about custom orthotics, and come see us when you’re ready to kick foot pain to the curb with custom-designed foot orthotics. We have offices in Chino, Lynwood, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina, and Whittier, California, plus two convenient locations in Los Angeles to serve you. Call us at Ortho Engineering Inc. to set up your orthotic design session. 

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